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I can't believe it is here

The last day of the infamous "2020" is here. I feel like this year has absolutely flown by. We have all seen the memes about how excited everyone will be for this year to be over, I'm not really in that group. Sure, I would love for the social distancing, masks, societal anger, engulfing fear to come to an end but I don't think it is going to suddenly stop because the calendar has a 1 in it. I actually would love about 1 more week because I am behind on some reflection and goal setting I really want to do. Think of it like this, sure it would be nice to have your 2021 goals lined up and ready to go by tonight at midnight. Is it really going to be a deal breaker if they aren't really ready till Jan 6? I don't think so.

2020 to 2021 is all about perspective.

It really boils down to attitude. Attitude is the number 1 thing you can control that makes the biggest difference. If your attitude about 2020 was to follow the social media narrative of "this sucks! Everything sucks!" then you will probably find very little different with 2021. You control your attitude. Positive mindset vs Negative mindset. That is your decision.

I want you to start reflecting. I am personally looking at my "Do More 2020" file I made last year. Basically New year's resolutions. I quickly jotted things I wanted MORE of in my life. I'll give you a few examples.


Learn to Swim (efficently)

Hike more

Learn to paraglide

Give more

Save money

Things I wanted to work on in and spend more time doing. I was not even close to 100% successful. Thank goodness or I don't know what I would strive for in 2021. There are things on my list that the covid shutdown stuff definitely played a factor in, no doubt. They will just be pushed to the 2021 list and may require more creativity. I then went through my list and gave them specifics and details. How much time each week/month/day I wanted to spend on them. Each month, I color coat them with a notation. Green- going in a good direction, Red-no progress, orange- baby steps are starting to happen but need more. You may have noticed some longshot things on my list, paragliding. Just because it wasn't simple and easy, doesn't mean it should be on my list. I made zero progress on paragliding in the Alps.

I made progress in a lot of areas/goals. I will spend the next week (should have done this a month ago) remaking my list.

Choose your perspective. Choose your attitude. Choose your mindset. If you do those things FIRST, 2021 will be an incredible year. Surround yourself with the right people. You will hit bumps, fall down, fail. You will get probably get down on yourself, I certainly do. The right people around you will pick you up and keep you moving forward. Choose people that bring you up, not pull you down. You are a sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. What are the traits and characteristics of those 5 people? Drunks? Liars? Cheats? Complainers? Good luck. Or are they happy? positive? Giving? Kind? They will rub off on you.

Also, what/who is your anchor? When the seas get rough and storm comes, what Rock are you tied to? The storms WILL come. The storms WILL pass. There is only ONE rock that is strong enough. How well are you tied to it? For me, that was one of my successes. I feel as if I tied my knot stronger to my almighty Father this year. I want that proverbial knot to be even stronger and will work on my "knot tying skills" if ya are feeling my analogy.

I have some scheming in my brain to tell you about but it will need to wait a couple days.

Gotta clean up some details and I have written enough today.

The hike is a GO tomorrow for "First day hike" There are no details. No time, no place, no announcements, nothing. It looks as if I am now in charge of it 1 day before. Should be a HUGE success. So tomorrow, I will lead a hike for the park at 8 am and give some facts and figures about the park as we go. When I say we, it looks like me.

Nebraska 3- horizontal pushing

Upper Pavilion

No 5:30 class tonight. I took the hint you weren't interested. Denise and Stacey rented out a theatre and I am going to bring Madwin (she has never been to a theatre) for a daddy daughter night. She is very excited. We are going to go to that since no one wants to workout at 5:30.

See ya in the woods!

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