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Homework is due Monday

I posted a couple days ago about some Strava homework. I want you to know your 400m, 1/2 mile, 1k, 1 mile and if there is more than that (2 mile, 5k, etc)- Great. I want you to know your top 3 times for each of those "events". I want you to have them labeled if they were road or trail. This will be due on Monday. Now that we have some running data, it is time to start setting some running paces and goals. We need to find our trail running paces. By looking at these paces, I should be able to give you more definitive paces to run. If I say "run this one at a 9 RPE", you should be able to know I run this one at a 9:24-9:53 pace" or something along those lines. If I say "run this one at a 7.5", we should have a general idea of what pace that is. Then using your GPS device, you can keep it in that pace range.

Today we squat- S3 at the upper pavilion. If you haven't started the process of ordering a night lamp and ever plan on showing up at 4:15 or 5:30, start that process. It is now dark by 6:20. It will soon be 5 pm. I will have a few extra lamps in case you forget yours.

See ya in the woods!

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