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Happy Mardi Gras!

Today is the day before the Lenten season begins and in old times, "Fat Tuesday" meant that all the meat you had in your house needed to be eaten today. It wasn't going to last 40 days so it was clean it out and indulge day. There weren't always freezers and a 40 day fast was coming. The fasts have changed, food preservation technology has changed, much has changed. Lent is an interesting season. 40 days of fasting, alms giving, and prayer before we celebrate the incredible day of Easter. What is always fascinating is that in the Catholic Church we have "Holy Days of Obligation." These are days you are expected to be at church. Sundays for instance fall into this category. Ash Wednesday is NOT in that category but tomorrow the church will be PACKED all day. What is extra interesting to me is the amount of Protestants that come to Mass on Wednesday and receive ashes to kick off the season. The whole thing is flat out AWESOME. Commonly, people "give something up" for Lent, a personal sacrifice that should have a goal of improving your relationship with Jesus. I think we should also think about what can we not only "do without" in our lives but what can we add. If we stick with it for 40 days, who knows...Maybe it will stick forever.

The last couple of days have been somewhat interesting from a medical/health standpoint at our house. Victoria had an MRI with contrast yesterday and had a reaction the the contrast. She is fine now but was nauseous and "drunk" feeling for a while. I built a fire Saturday that got a little too big for his britches and the chimney couldn't handle it all for some reason. Probably 5% of the smoke was billowing out of the fire place and caused our house to get a bit smoky, lot of loud beeps. 3 of us were able to do a lot if saline sinus rinses, Felix did not. Felix developed a nasty little cough and Victoria took him to doctor yesterday. He has a classic rhinovirus that the smoke inhalation probably helped exasperate. He had a fever yesterday, nothing crazy, but will be staying home today per doctor's orders. I imagine he will be fine and by noon we will be running around partially naked outside just because. With that being said, this evening will be an adventure at the Mundy Trail! Bring your lamps, your layers and get ready for some fun.

See ya in the woods!

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