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Good Friday!

This morning I will be with my kids for a bit before Victoria heads home (taking a half day) and then we head to see my family in Madison, GA for the weekend. I have a bodyweight circuit for you. No equipment needed. A great travel workout. Keep this one in your back pocket.

In case you weren't aware, AMRAP means As many rounds as possible. This is a 30 minute circuit. The first 5 minutes will be 10 jumping lunges per side, 5 clapping push ups, 10 single leg glute bridges per side and 5 side plank with leg raise (bandless soccer moms) per side. Repeat that for 5 minutes. Rest 1 minute before moving onto circuit #2. I added photos of exercises you may not know what they are. (I didn't put squats and jumping jacks in). When you finish this workout, let me know how many rounds you got!

I will see you on Monday after celebrating Christ rising from the dead for us. As I explained to my daughter why we celebrate Easter.

"Madwin, what do I love more than anything?"


"That's right. Now imagine that there are a lot of bad people who are mean to me and don't like me. I still love them so much even though they are mean and bad people that I am willing to give YOU to them knowing that they will beat, torture and kill you in a gruesome manner. Would I do that?"

"No Daddy."

"That's right. God did. We are the bad people. We are the sinners. We are the undeserving. God gave US his only son so we could have a chance to be better. He loves US THAT MUCH. That is why we celebrate Easter."

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