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Get ready to run fast

Today we will be at the lower pavilion. Take a good look at your Strava this morning before you come. There are two main focuses today.

  1. Chin ups. We are going to do quite a bit of these today.

  2. 3 segments coming off of the lower pavilion. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.

You have 1 goal. Beat your previous best. If you run Alpha and you don't PR, you will rest and run it again faster. Once you have PRed Alpha, you will run Bravo. Process will repeat.

Don't focus entirely on beating others, focus on beating the old YOU.

Now that you guys had a chance and took the time to look at your toxins, let me explain a bit more.

It is called the rain barrel effect. Every day, man made toxins enter your body. The air you breathe, the water you drink, you name it. All day. We have a system to remove these (most of them) with our liver and our lymphatic system being key players. The problem is that when the rain barrel is constantly getting 9 things drizzling into it, it just doesn't drain as fast as it is being filled. This causes symptoms as the rain barrel overflows. Most of the toxins cause cellular damage leading to cancer and other diseases. Many cause excess fat storage, sometimes the body doesn't know what to do with the toxins because it can't take care of it via the normal pathways.

Yesterday I asked you to take a look at your personal products, all the way to the stuff you clean your clothes with. Add up your toxins. Now look at the bigger numbers. Did you have any 7+? Those probably need to go now and be replaced. Did you have some 4-6s? Start looking at what you are going to replace those with. 2-3s? Can you find some 0-1s down the road? No ONE of these things is probably going to make you sick. It is like 1 cupcake. You didn't put on 20 lbs from that one cupcake. It was the 195 other things that were garbage and entered your mouth all adding up together. My discussions with you yesterday were positive in that it seemed you were interested in getting healthier. Now make some changes and reduce the drizzles into your barrel.

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