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Friday is here.

Not gonna lie, I am currently in "survive" mode, not "thrive" mode. I am not feeling up to snuff (tested negative for the Rona on Tuesday in case you are worried) but don't actually think it is a big deal. Probably has more to do with literally shoving 3 lbs of food in my mouth as fast as possible right before bed. Terrible choice. Today's training session "Q" has a vertical pulling focus. The ability to pull things down or yourself up is an important one and rarely well trained one. I have 48 binders on the way as I will be transitioning into a new way to log weights. I don't love the current system and I think Stacy's idea which I will tell you about will work out much better long term. It was fine in the first cycle, ok in the second, but it gets harder and harder to look back and find "last time I did a Kettlebell Goblet squat, what did I use for how many?" I think she came up with that solution. See ya in the shade!

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