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Friday is always a good day to pick things up

Today will be training session P2. Deadlift/hinging will be the primary focus. We did a TON of hinge hold volume with our Pendlay day so make sure you get those hammies extra warm. You are probably still feeling them a bit. We last did the session on Aug 4th (last Thursday). It also appears we could potentially have a bit of let up in summer heat coming up. I hope you have a lot of pride in what you have endured in the last couple of months weather wise. I have said it before but you have pushed your bodies and minds to do what most think is impossible. You brought a towel, 3 bottles of water and a tough mindset.

I leave you with a little abstract from a paper. Tony may find this one interesting. Basically it says that they tested pilots who had long flights and found their body got back into it's natural rhythm faster when they did outdoor exercise. Outdoor exercise is a very restorative process for the hormonal system. I will be sharing occasional research to you proving this point. In this paper, jet lag was reduced as part of the restoration process. Yes,I basically just gave you an abstract to the abstract.

The effects of outdoor exercise on urinary excretion of the 17-hydroxycorticosteroids (17-OHCS), catecholamine rhythm, and sleep-wake patterns in cockpit crewmembers were investigated before, during and after jet travel between Tokyo and Los Angeles (8-h time difference). On the day following arrival at Los Angeles (day 3) 5 crewmembers exercised outdoors for about 5 h (exercise group, aged 47.2 +/- 6.8 yr), and 5 others volunteered to remain in their rooms and go shopping after the flight (control group, aged 47.4 +/- 1.5 yr). The timing of the acrophase of the 17-OHCS rhythm and sleep-wake patterns showed similar patterns of advance in the two groups on the day of arrival in Los Angeles (day 2) compared with that at baseline (B) in Tokyo. In the exercise group, the acrophase of the 17-OHCS rhythm tended to be delayed on day 3, and then phase-advanced on the day following outdoor exercise (day 4). The timing of acrophase of the 17-OHCS rhythm and sleep-wake patterns showed gradual delay on days 3-4 in the control group, and a significant difference (p < 0.01) was observed between the groups for the acrophase of 17-OHCS rhythm on day 4. These results suggest that outdoor exercise has some effects in hastening the resynchronization to a new environment of the circadian rhythm of the urinary 17-OHCS excretion.

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