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Friday has arrived!

Today's workout will be the 4th and final installment of training session "L". Once again we will focus on achieving same weight/reps through out strength training session and more distance in the woods.




I remember chatting with my ol buddy Herschel Walker about working out one day. Most people are aware of his daily pushups, for years he was known to do up to 5000 a day, still today rocks about 1000 a day along with 100s of pullups and other exercises. The one thing about Herschel's plan that no one thinks about is HOW he does that. He doesn't just say "it is workout time!" and go to the gym for 3 hours and do it all at once. He built it into part of his day. He doesn't do 500 at once, he does much less. Drops and does 40. On his way to a meeting, drops and does 40 more, etc. He also didn't decide one day "tomorrow I am going to do 5000 push ups!" after doing none the day before. The truth is, Herschel built his workout routine over time like people should be build their nutrition routine. Little steps at a time and before you know it, you are eating 5000 pieces of lettuce a day (not really, but hopefully you get the idea) Patience is the key. Patience and consistency.

So I want you to brain storm exercises. Think about exercises you could do 20 of that would be a little bit of a challenge but nothing crazy. Bodyweight or equipment that you have nearby regularly. Bodyweight is probably best. I spend my day around barbells and other weights so I have more options. Tomorrow when August gets here will be day 1. At some point during the day, do a set of 20 of that exercise. You could do it in the morning, the evening, whenever. This will not replace your workout, it will just be something you do. 1 set. That's it. I chose barbell curls. Something that should take you about minute and be simple and take zero to very little set up and prep. Something easy enough you wouldn't need to warmup for and challenging enough that right after you feel like you did something. 1 set every day for the month. Some of you are going to want to do 4 or 5 or take it to 10!! Nope. 1. Do 1 set. In September, you will do another set during the day. 2 whole sets a day. Maybe one in morning, one in evening, whenever. Now think back to 5 years ago what you were doing on a daily basis. If you follow this trend I have set for you, in 5 years your daily routine would include 60 SETS of exercises a day. 1200 reps. Maybe that is 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 pushups, etc. Think how old you will be in 5 years. What will your physical condition look like if you "planted the tree" tomorrow. Let's say you turn 45 today. On your 50th birthday, will you be in potentially better shape than your 40th birthday?

I planted my tree already. It is easy so far. It becomes part of the routine. Occasionally I have a day in the evening where I haven't done my one set yet and I walk into garage and knock it out really fast. Those days are pretty rare.

My question is this. Would you like to be that person that people talk about in 20 years who is 65-70 and people say "he/she is in crazy shape. he/she does 1000s of exercises every day!" You can be that person but you have to plant that tree now and let it slowly grow. 5 years from now it will be a 1200 rep daily tree of awesomeness. Maybe that is a good stopping place, who knows? This is my own personal experiment that I invite you to join me in. I look forward to hearing who at the end of August did their 1 set every day.

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