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The last day before the Auburn Spring break is here and we will be rocking some chin ups on this fabulous Friday. The lower pavilion will give us an opportunity to breathe in some wonderful fresh air. Can you name the state we are rocking today?

Why do I like chinups/pullups so much that we basically do them twice a week? I believe the ability to move your own body and control your own body is important. It takes consistency do develop the strength and coordination to do that. There is always a chance you miss one of the days but hopefully never both of the days in a week. Ideally you would rock them 2-3 times a week. You may notice they are always separated. Many of you could not do a chinup when we started last summer. The list keeps growing of those who now can. I want that list to be long. Many of you are inching closer and closer every few weeks.

Back in the day, climbing was an important skill for youth.

Here is a school gym from back in the day. What do you notice? A lot of climbing apparatuses. Ropes, ladders, rings, bars. There was a time when we realized this was important but actually basketball killed the old gymnasium. Long history lesson there. Then in the 1960s, the body building era and isolated muscle idea started blooming. Now we are fat and weak as a society.

There is hope. We are slowly moving back to it. The desire to look like this

is fading while desire to be able to do this

is growing. There is hope.

See ya in the woods.

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