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Florida #3

Tonight at the Upper Pavilion will be HINGE day. 2021 is almost 1/4 over. It is time to reflect on how the year has started off. It is far from over but a great time to make some corrections.

8 months ago I invited you to join me in adding 1 minute of ______ a day EVERY day. At this point, you should be able to tell me what your daily 8 minutes consists of. If the answer is ZERO, that's ok. Let's try again.

It probably meant the task was too tall. Start with something simple like 1 minute of foam rolling on your left IT band EVERY DAY. (Left IT band was randomly chosen by the way). Next month, add the right! It doesn't have to be rocket science, it needs to be doable.

What is the long term goal again?

In 5 years, have a daily routine that is dominant. 60 months. 60 x 1 minute of something. Maybe you start by building a 12 minute foam roll routine? I think that would be AWESOME! I would be willing to bet that if every day you did 12 minutes of foam roll work, your body would feel pretty daggum good. With that being said. Start with 1 minute. Every day.

See ya tonight up top!

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