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February is here!

Did you know that Feb is named after a purification ritual in ancient Rome?


As I literally just finished reading about detoxification (5 minutes ago) processes and I think about how to improve life this month, it all makes me chuckle. This seems like the perfect opportunity to purify our lives. Take the garbage out. A month ago, I brought up the idea of "doing more in 2021". The best way to do more is to not waste time, reduce the "garbage time". Maybe this means looking at your phone less. It will tell you how many minutes you spend on it, how many times you pick it up. Maybe it means getting rid of social media as you thought about. Is it a time trap for you? It is designed to be. This is also the month that holds Ash Wednesday (Feb 17) which many people take as an opportunity to "give something up" for 40 days. Why not reduce something or give something up that is holding you back RIGHT NOW?

If you are looking for a DETOX, get ready. This one is a coffee Enema. Yep, you read that correctly. You brew some non-Folgers and let it cool and stick it in your rectum. No. I haven't tried it yet myself.

Time to take a look at your 2021, DO MORE list. What is making progress? What is stagnant? Also, for those following along, it is time to add another set of exercise! I recommend many of you add some side planks with leg lifts. 10 per side. I will add another set of push ups this month.

Today's workout during daylight hours will be at the General Mundy Fitness Trail! There looks to be little chance of rain today and lots of wind. The dense woods should help with the wind. It also seems as if the roofing work at Chewacla is still not quite complete. This is located on the corner of Shug and W Samford. We will be hitting IOWA #2 today. Focus will be on pulling.

There is no restroom there so prepare accordingly!

See ya on campus!

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