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Earthing. Hippy mumbo jumbo that is LEGIT Science

Most of you have heard me talk about being outside as medicine given to us by God that we need to take but are often too smart to take. Part of that medicine is flat out "electrons". We don't get the electrons I am talking about by just being outside, they require us to be plugged into the ground. This could be as simple as being barefoot or sitting on the ground. The earth has an unlimited supply of free electrons. When we come in direct contact with the earth, not through rubber shoes, we plug into this electron source. The science of earthing/grounding on human health is beginning to include quite a bit of research. It has been known for centuries by native Americans and many other people around the world known to be "one with nature" but now we can scientifically see it and prove it.

This is a pretty good summary written by a blogger.

And another...

And another...

If you take the time to read all these links you will probably be amazed. As I write this now, I am on a grounded blanket. There are many products on that can allow you to sleep grounded without sleeping outside. Health changing stuff basically for free. Take your medicine, it is free and unlimited. Or you can ignore all that science mumbo jumbo and increase your risk of every disease known to man.

Upper. V4

Sept 17

Sept 28

Oct 14

Distance improvements.

See ya in the woods.

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