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Did you water your tree?

A while back I brought up an idea of planting a baby fitness tree. Pick 1 thing that would be not that hard and take around a minute and not be too inconvenient. Damon had actually started with 20 pushups the month before. Someone else chose 20 glute bridges. Perfect. In September, you were supposed to go to 2 sets. Didn't have to be back to back, one could be in morning, one in evening, didn't matter. The truth is that 1 set of something every day doesn't really do a whole lot to change your body. What it DOES do is change your mind so that 2 sets is not really a big jump. 2 sets might do a little to your body but what it really does is make 3 sets a day easy. You see, the goal wasn't after 1 month of doing a minute of whatever every day to suddenly look in the mirror and be transformed. The goal was start something that in 5 years will be miraculous.

Here is what I noticed from my 3rd month of curls each day.

It takes me about 10 days to get in the groove and start to figure out when and how is the best time. The first 10 days includes a lot of late night cramming "oh yeah, I gotta get that 3rd set in". That kinda happened in month 2 as well.

I feel accomplished every day. I haven't failed a day yet. Even when I didn't get the workout I wanted, I still got my 3 sets in and that makes me feel better mentally. Not as pissed at myself.

After about 3 weeks, I am ready to jump ahead and move on to the next set. That is how long before it feels like it really is a habit and monotonous. The 4th week is a seal the "concrete and let it cure" week. Don't add anything yet. I have a desire to, can't do it.

I can't imagine what month 60 will be like but I don't have to. I just have to worry about right now. Month 3. You should be worried only about month 2. If you failed and your tree died, let's figure out why and plant a new tree. Maybe you tried to be too aggressive. Here are some suggestions if you need to start over.

1 min plank.

1 min of cold water in shower. -more on this another day.

20 bulgarian split squats

20 kettlebell cleans (give that round ball of iron you own some use)

Options are limitless.

Today's session is P4. Deadlifts/hinging are the focus.

We last did these on

August 6

August 14

Sept 1

Come in and get your weights set up before the session, do some warm up sets, prep your body. This is the 4th installment so know your Strava distances. Fall is in the air, time to get a little further.

See ya at the lower pavilion.

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