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Day 1. New cycle

Can you guess which state this is? Today we will be squatting in the upper pavilion. Pray that I got all the nails.

It is a new month as well. For me and a few of you playing along at home, a new set of exercises. Remember 8 months ago, I challenged you to do just 1 thing. EVERY DAY. Something simple that wouldn't take more than a minute and you didn't need a lot of set up for. A set of 20 pushups for instance, your pick. Something that wasn't really hard either. You are now up to 8 sets of something a day! I am adding my 3rd set of Bulgarian Split Squats to go with other things. 10 per leg. Maybe you didn't start at all, maybe you tried to add something too difficult and failed, these things are common. Start now. 1 thing. Most of you could start with a simple 1 minute of foam rolling on 1 IT band every day and it would do you a world of good.

See ya in the upper pavilion today!

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