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Colorado. Round 3

Today we will focus on Colorado in the Upper Pavilion. Front Squats will be the primary movement. Upper Pavilion will be our location. I have cancelled Thanksgiving morning classes after remembering it is my wife's birthday AND we are apparently hosting a Thanksgiving lunch for the family. The following day we will head out of town to celebrate her birthday and our 10 year wedding anniversary in Chattanooga.

Today's exercises are

Front squat

SA KB Thruster

Sbag rotational Lunges

1/2 kneeling single arm pulldown

groovy deadilifts

HULLk- plank overhead sa band press

I want to try something else different today. I want to keep all the books in one central location. As you finish each round, before you run, I want you to take 30 seconds to write down what you just did. That 30 seconds of documentation is more valuable than the 30 seconds of running. I want to see if this becomes more time efficient as personal notation has become a bit lax.

See ya in the woods!

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