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Changing up the first 10 minutes a bit

Today we will have New Jersey volume 3. The focus will be on vertical pulling. The morning groups will be in the lower pavilion and the evening groups will be in the upper pavilion. I don't feel there are enough preparation sets before the "working sets" begin. This sets up a whole lot of bad. I am going to try something different this week and see if I feel you are more prepared once we start. If it doesn't work out well I will make more adjustments as needed. Preparation of the body is crucial for success in training. This is one of the many things that sets apart training with a goal and purpose vs typical exercise.

Yesterday we found some 5k paces. On Trails. In the dark for many. Here is how this is useful. I will use Denise as a great example.

At night, she completed her 5k in 43:32

If I put that into the calculator in the link above, she averaged 4.27 mph

Today when I see Denise, I will ask her to run 8 minutes. I will expect that 8 minutes at a faster pace. I would like to see an intensity in that shorter run at more of a 4.7-5.0 mph. So when I give her an 8 minute run I want her completing .62-.67 miles. She now has a very specific target which changes EVERYTHING.

These calculations are easy, I will work on how to make them instant. The thing is that when we have 4-10 minutes runs, the paces shouldn't be the same as a 5k run. They should be a bit quicker.

Here is a recap of the balloon exercise we worked on yesterday for your daily at home practice.

See ya in the woods.

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