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Bring your homework with you today

I asked you to look through Strava and find your PRs in multiple distances. I also asked you to classify what terrain these were accomplished on. Today, I want you to bring those in, not electronic but old fashioned paper. If the movement log books were all in front of you, I could ask you at any time to tell me your best...(insert movement here). Within a minute or less, if you couldn't remember, you could easily tell me " On 9.4.20 I did X lbs for Y reps". I can then respond, "great, your predicted max is Z, this is the best weight for you". Strava is the log book for your running.

So why do all this?

When we aim for something, we hit targets. When we hit targets, we improve. We do all this so we are not aimless. Aimless training isn't training, it is just random exercise. That isn't what you signed up for. That isn't what Iron Blaze is all about.

Today is about honing in and focusing our mental efforts a bit tighter on our running portion of the program. We have some data now and with this we should be able to find more accurate pace prescriptions. I would love to be able to say "Natalie, this next run needs to be at 10:14 pace" or something very specific. With a bit of data analysis this is attainable.

If this all makes you roll your eyes or you simply "didn't have time" or some random excuse, we probably need to have a conversation about why you are here. Not everyone wants to train, not everyone wants to actually get better, that's ok. There are plenty of Zumba and bodypump classes out there for you. Different strokes for different folks. A large part of team/group training is the culture of the people. This particularly matters with a smaller group like this program. People want to be part of something special, the other participants and the energy/vibe around them matter.

Today we will be in the upper pavilion area improving our chin ups and running technique. Don't forget your homework.

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