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Back at the Lower Pavilion today for U2

Don't worry, we won't be listening to an Irish Rock band from the 70s. We will be listening to the sounds of the forest as we vertically press things. Each time you find yourself starting to feel "winded" or really challenged, you need to quickly change your mental imaging. A deep breath. Breathe in your surroundings. Briefly turn your attention to the sounds of birds, crickets, toads, water, breeze. Why? This simple process quickly allows your body to recover faster. When you watch a fighter sitting in the corner at the end of the round, what do you see? Breathing, relaxing, calming. The ability to turn up and turn down at will is HUGE. While in the moment/lifting a challenging weight, you turn up. When the moment is over, you turn down. Even if that is just for 5 seconds, it will make a difference.

Some of you are really starting to fully grasp the concept of why we don't listen to music. (Other than loud music is not legal in the park) Music is used with exercise for 2 reasons.

  1. What we are doing is so boring and monotonous we need distraction. -Think a 45 minute treadmill jog. Naw, I'm good.

  2. We need help with our emotions. Music can definitely play a large role in creating more aggression, anger, intensity. NO DOUBT about it. Going for a 1 rep max, sometimes that special song (probably not a U2 song) can help amp us up a little more. It can help us channel certain emotions.

I want you to learn how to turn up and turn down with your own mind. Many of you are becoming mental GIANTS. For those who want full control over their brains and emotions, you would probably enjoy this

Either you control your emotions or they control you. Make a choice.

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