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Alaska...Very fitting

So I have been learning a lot about Vitamin D lately.

For those that don't know, Vitamin D is probably the most important vitamin out there. I can go into details but if you want

An immune system

A working brain without depression and high anxiety

Healthy bones


You need to keep reading.

I know what some of you are thinking, "I'm good, I take a supplement and go outside". Good start! Probably not enough. First off, Vitamin D synthesis doesn't come from all sunlight. Depending on the angle of the sun, you may only be getting UVA rays which don't actually do anything for Vitamin D but will burn you and cause skin damage. You need UVB. There is an app I discovered called D minder. It is pretty awesome. It is a Vitamin D calculator that I think you will really like. There are a ton of factors you put in.

Height and weight (weight matters as Vitamin D is fat soluble and obesity kills D uptake)

Skin tone.

How much clothing you are wearing

what supplements you are already taking


Today in Opelika, UVB rays will only be available from 8:34 am to 4:46 pm. The sunlight outside of those times doesn't contain UVB rays, only UVA. It has a timer to make sure you don't burn.

When you start your sun session, you input what you are wearing and the IUs start happening. If you are fair skinned, probably gonna be 5-10 minutes and DONE.

Funny thing about "Alaska" today is that the suicide and depression rates are through the roof due up there due to Vitamin D issues. We live further south (below the 35th) so we don't have to supplement near as much as they do. I will have to look back but most (almost all) people on depression and anxiety meds have Vitamin D deficiencies. It is quite rare the two are not connected.

In Scandinavian countries, they understand this concept and supplement the bejeezes out of Vitamin D. In Finland, the coronavirus despite very few lock downs and other implementation took the lives of 130 for every 1 million people. By comparison Alabam averages 2,202 deaths per 1 million people. About 17x the death rate despite the fact they live much further north. Download the app and get healthy. See ya at the lower pavilion today!

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