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Adventure day at CCC pavilion

Today we are going to the CCC pavilion. Some of you have been there, some have not.

I drew in red on the map how to get there.

When you enter the park you will take an IMMEDIATE right turn BEFORE you get to the stop sign where they ask for money.

You will pass a few cabins and houses and take a right when you get the opportunity. Then another short right and then a left. You should notice NEW gravel. Once you get that far it will be hard to mess up.

This is an area of the park that you may not have even seen. There are working restrooms, an old water tower from the depression days and still the foundations of barracks that housed 100s of men that created the park before world war II. It will be a great place today to work on our bench press and learn something new. We worked on the bench press pretty recently but not everyone was there and it was about 4 weeks ago so we can do it again. The goal will be to find a predicted 1 rep max and to constantly improve our symmetric strength score. We will use this number to make sure our lifting weights are appropriate to elicit a positive response.

I am also going to teach you the basics of a sport/game/hobby I enjoy. Disc golf. Maybe you have seen baskets like these randomly around parks and wondered about them. Why disc golf? Well, it is a great hour or two outside. It is a fast game compared to ball golf, basically free to play. You basically walk around the woods or a park and use a skill as you go. I think it is an incredible hobby once you learn how to throw a disc. The rules are simple, the game is simple. Basically think of a hike where you are "playing" at the same time. That is kinda how I view disc golf. I am far from competitive but good enough to have fun doing it.

I am going to attempt to teach you how to throw a disc and we will spend time running around and fetching them. This will be your run portion of the day. Maybe you never play it once in your entire life, maybe you realize this is something you would like to do on occasion with your kids. Who knows. If I get 1 person finding a new hobby outside, I won.

See you at the CCC...I hope.

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