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Adventure day

Today's session and all Adventure Day's will be variable based on many factors.

  1. Who is in it? -What do the currently signed up people NEED the most? 1 hour of meditation and breathing may be the best thing for the people signed up. You don't think that will benefit you huh? Cool. Glad to know you are the expert. Expect an hour of prowler pushing.

  2. How many are in it? A game of kickball isn't going to work well with 2 people is it?

  3. What is the weather doing? Some things need light. Some need nice weather.

The adventures are an opportunity to individualize based on participants.

For instance, I am planning a "lightning day" session that might be needed at 5:30 today. I will find an indoor area and give a educational seminar probably about nutrition.

If you ever have to jump in/sign up for a session last second, it's perfectly fine. I get it. You will need to text me and I will put you in to the session myself. I need time to prepare for you. In the scenario that no one is signed up for an 8:30 session, I may not be at the park by 8:30 if you signed up at 8:00.

Today's location will be sent via the app "broadcast" feature. I will let the signed up participants know the location more than an hour out.

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