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A new month- time to add something new

November is here and it is glorious!

There will be no 4:15 today for voting opportunity.

With a new month, it is time to add 1 thing to your daily fitness routine. Time to water the tree. I am keeping mine simple and adding 20 pushups. For those that are new, quick explanation. I am challenging you all to add 1 thing each month. Something simple that will require very little equipment, must be convenient, something that will not be an excessive strain, something that will take about a minute. You have heard about people like Herschel Walker who do daily regiments of 1000s of things and we are in awe of them. You can can do that too. I am building up a 5 year plan. 60 months. If after 60 months, you added 60 things, you would be dedicating 1 hour a day to your health and fitness. It doesn't have to be pushups, it could be taking 1 minute of a cold shower each day. Think about in 5 years from now if every day you did 60 minutes of DAILY something. Possibly 1200 reps a day plus your workouts, what would you feel like compared to 5 years ago. Ask me when you see me for more details.

Today is Colorado round 2. Upper pavilion. Get informed. Go vote. See ya in the woods.

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