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A new day

This past week was filled with a lot of disappointments. Mostly from a sports perspective. The Braves did the classic Atlanta thing and raised hopes only to come crashing down. My Dawgs did the EXACT same thing. Auburn lost. (Yes, as a UGA guy I cheer for Auburn all but once a year) Falcons won (they are terrible at tanking). Heck, even my fantasy football team posted the worst week ever and included a few injuries. Nothing went right.

Except it was an incredible weekend. Saturday also included a fun day at Callaway Gardens with the family. Sunday was another great day with the family that included a nice picnic in the backyard. My daughter also found a new show called Owlegories that she really likes. She said she wanted to "learn more about God" and my wife found this cartoon on Amazon Prime. It is about a group of young owls that learn about God and his love through nature.

Then of course there is Jon Hull. Very proud of Jon. Jon ran 100.3 miles on Saturday, "The Endless Mile" ONE HUNDRED TIMES. In 1 day. Let that sink in. I personally think he should get a tattoo so every time something challenging comes up, he can remind himself what he is capable of doing, he can push forward. This is the definition of true mental grit and strength. Needless to say, you probably won't see him today as he is probably going to be living in an ice bath today.

Why do I tell you all this? Maybe your weekend or week was full of disappointments. The good news is the sun is about to rise as I type this and we get a new day. A new opportunity. We choose our attitude. We can focus on the good and build on that or we can dwell in the disappointing. We can let our circumstances in life control us or we control them. It is our decision.

Today will be at the Upper pavilion for S4. Squat day round 4.

Check Strava for the following days.

Sept 22

Oct 1

Oct 9

These are the other days we did "S". The goal today will be to beat your best distance of those 3 days AND maintain the highest weight you built up to. Challenging goal. Mindset will be key.

See ya in the woods.

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