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A good day to play.

Today we will integrate a little bit of "play" into our day. The funny thing about "play" is how it tricks our body. When we decide we are no longer "working" out and we are actually having fun, we can really push it and not even know it. All it does is change our mental focus. It is all about mindset. When the brain is tuned differently, it all changes.

A few examples that come to mind.

  1. One of the highest heart rates, if not the highest Katie Grimes has hit at Iron Blaze was playing a game. Not trying to achieve a distance but running for play.

  2. Denise has noticed she runs pretty darn well in the dark. We discussed it and I find it fascinating. There is no ability to look ahead and dread a hill, a long straight away or anything. The focus is so narrow on "what is right in front of me right this moment" that the brain really doesn't have room for any negative thoughts to creep in. It is so locked in on "the moment" that nothing else matters. If we figured out how to train our brain to do this all the time. Whoa. We would be super heroes. Not kidding. Your world would change completely.

It has also come to my attention that many people have no idea what a "blaze" is. My logo may not actually make sense to you.

A Blaze is a marking on a trail. It is basically a sign system on hiking trails. Next time you are out hiking, see if you start noticing blazes. The Appalachian Trail is marked in white.

Today we will meet at the first parking lot by the water. Be ready to play and run and have fun.

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