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A good day to pick things up and put them down.

Today we will be at the lower pavilion for Connecticut #3. Hinging is the name of the game today.

How to ideally prep for a each training session revisted.

  1. Check each book. Example- Deadlifts. Last time you did them you did 145 lbs for 5 reps. Now write 145x5 and your initials on today's page. Then go grab a set of 45s and a set of 5s and put near bar. If someone already put 45s nearby, awesome! Make sure 5s are there as well. Repeat process for all 6 movements.

Now that you have gotten out weights, you have also mentally prepared for what we have today. You have now begun to dial in mentally a bit and get yourself warmer in the process. Incredible!

2. Grab a foam roll and begin to hit the sweet spots. IT bands are always a great choice if you don't remember. Now you have prepped your body to start moving a little and warmed up even more!

3. If there are some BIG lifts (deadlifts, squats, etc) do some prep sets. Maybe 175 for 5 is going to be a taxing weight. I would do a set of 65, a set of 95, a set of 135. In between I might even foam roll a bit as I feel where my body needs more love.

NOW you are probably actually ready to workout.

Be prepared. It helps. A LOT.

See ya in the woods

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