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A good day to pick things up and put them down!

On this beautiful Thursday morning we will be focusing on the movement pattern known as the "hip hinge". Last week we got an idea of what our predicted one rep max would be with our standard deadlift.

Let's use Tony for an example as his number is nice and round.

200 lbs. Tony can lift (at least) 200 lbs 1 time with good form.

Tony's predicted 5 rep max- the amount he could probably lift 5 times, would be 175 lbs. (he should need to probably sit down after this)

Tony's predicted 10 rep max would be around 150 lbs. 75% of 1 RM.

Now all these numbers are not what Tony is expected to lift today. These are a 1 time- well rested expectation. Not a "middle of circuit" expectation. The minimum Tony will lift as a working set is 140 lbs. 70%. Anything less than that will probably elicit very little improvement. Instead of doing this for a max reps 13 times, he will do 5.

Tony is somewhat new to the deadlift, it would be wise for him to probably come in early (as usual), do a little foam rolling to wake some spots up (as usual) and probably do a set of 65 lbs on the dead, a set of 95 on the deads, and probably a set of 115s on the dead. The first time Tony touches the bar should probably not be 140 lbs.

One of the things to pay attention to while doing bilateral movements like a deadlift is the terrain. We are often not on a flat surface and that isn't a deal breaker. You just want to make sure you are not sideways on a hill. You want to angle your body directly down the hill or up the hill. See ya in a bit!

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