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A good day to learn

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. I know I certainly did. Today we will meet at the FIRST PARKING LOT by the water. We are going to focus on 3 things today.

  1. Pull ups.

  2. Short/fast runs.

  3. Learning the kettlebell clean exercise.

Prepare to attack the pull up bar today. It won't be built into a circuit the same way so we can be aggressive on it. We will play a little bit with our runs today, have a bit of fun. The kettlebell clean exercise is a great one. It isn't always fun to learn though. It takes practice and bruises. You will struggle with it. It will reveal your mental make up. Attention to detail and repetitions are key. It takes practice to learn how to not clang it off your wrist. Guess what, you will clang it off your wrist a few times. If you have chalk, you may want to bring it. If you have your own kettlebell, you should bring it.

This is a pretty good video to check out before you come.

See you at the park.

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