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A good day to be strong

Today is training session "M". The focus will be on SQUATTING. Today will probably be a neurologically taxing day and I don't expect tons of distance. Pace will be probably a little bit slower on the trails. Come in and get mind and body ready to roll. Get weights needed, get tight spots rolled out, do a few lighter reps on the bar. Get ready to roll. You might have received an email last night that the 5:30 was cancelled. My refrigerator/freezer stopped working. It had been making some buzzing sounds lately, but it required a quick "clean everything out and put in coolers on ice" so it could be unplugged and defrosted. I discovered that it gave up just a bit before that session. Hope it works. See ya in a bit.

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Today's location is...

1895 Palin Ave Opelika, AL 36801 Other side of town. No trail running today.

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