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A Glorious Tuesday awaits you!

Great work yesterday working on the back squat. Today will be focusing on pulling motions, particular the horizontal pull. We will also be bringing back the Bent over barbell row often known as a Pendlay Row. This will be known as training session "N". Today's goal is to learn the movements and then increase resistance on the exercises once we have the proper technique.

This weekend, did you plant a tree?

Not a literal tree, the time of year is not ideal. But a health and fitness tree. Ya see, there is an old Chinese proverb "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is right now." Let me explain. Everyone wants the tree on the bottom. Ask Catherine and Katie who have dealt in real estate, people want these magnificent things of beauty on your property, in your back yard. Well ya know what, you can't go and BUY one of these. Ask the university. When someone poisons your oaks, with all the resources and money in the world, you can only move a certain sized tree. A tree has to start as a seedling. Nothing spectacular. Nothing special. Kinda resembles a weed to be honest. With consistent nurture and growth, it will grow and grow and grow. It will take time and patience. Damon planted a tree in July with me (funny thing is we didn't discuss this but basically had the same idea at the same time). Every day in July, he did some pushups. Nothing special, nothing hard, nothing crazy. Just before lunch, knocked out a set of pushups. Will those 20 pushups a day "transform" Damon? Probably not. But this month, it grew to 2 sets of 20. Each month, he will add something to his regiment. It will become routine and monotonous, not a chore. For me, it was 20 barbell curls. No weight added. Just grab a bar and rock 20 curls. Why? It's not that hard, I am always around a bar so it is convenient. I also have weak elbow flexors and my right elbow feels better when I get some blood pumping into the bicep. Keeps my right shoulder happier (the one I never repaired). Each day this month, I do 2 sets of 20. When? Whenever. I may go rock a set now, after lunch, in between classes, whenever it suits me. This can be done with nutrition as well. Maybe the tree is "drink a tall glass of water when I wake up". It can be lots of things as long as it is easy. If that little seedling is consistently cared for, not dug up and replanted with a different seedling and dug up and replanted again because you looked out your window and it wasn't the tree below...It can actually become that Angel Oak.

I mentioned this already before but wanted to clarify it one more time. If you didn't plant a tree this weekend, plant it today. Don't wait till September 1 as if there is some weird insurance sign up period you missed and have to wait for next enrollment. Make it easy, convenient, take about 1 minute and won't crush you. See ya at the park!

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