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You may have noticed a recent uptick in my social media posts. Zero to a couple. I feel really good about how this program is developing. It is now time to grow it. Social media is not my thing. I don't really like it, I don't really want to be a part of it. There will be more pictures/videos coming because well, that type of stuff is important. It isn't usually important to me in the moment and afterwards I sometimes get a thought of "oh yeah, I should have taken a picture". The truth is that when I see trainers/coaches/fitness enthusiasts/whatever constantly posting videos and taking pictures, my thoughts are usually "shouldn't you be coaching something right now instead of promoting yourself?"

I believe we are the beginning of a new era.

A return to what is right.

A return to what we need.

Organizations like this make me believe my gut feeling is accurate. This is an emerging organization based around outdoors and health. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Today's workout is W. The focus is pulling. File those calluses down because it is pull up day. I know we are a bit sore but the weekend is soon upon us. Let's stick with the upper pavilion today because the higher elevation will be dryer. The upper pavilion has a lot more park traffic, there are often people in the afternoons already there and hanging out.

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