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Today we shall head to the upper pavilion for our second round of V. Deadlifts are the name of the game. Come early and get warmed up well.

I'm gonna steal a quote from a dude I used to work with back in the day at Gainesville Health, Byron Dyce II. Him and his wife Janelle (also used to work with) have a gym/box in Chicago and I really like what I see from them on a regular basis.

They do an incredible job and I am very happy to see their hard work and dedication to their craft paying off. They are good people despite the whole Florida Gator thing. Byron often in his social media content asks are you "bout that life". It is a phrase I dig. There are so many aspects to health/fitness that are important. Sleep, stress management, food, etc. It isn't just about exercising a few times a week.

Last week, I saw an ad for a food delivery service that intrigued me. I looked at the price and figured it was worth diving into it. I am glad I did. It is a customizable organic produce delivery at a great price. Apparently some of the food doesn't meet aesthetic USDA something or other...whatever. Neither do I. I would still be delicious and nutritious. I jumped right into the big box, approximately 20 lbs of organic produce for $35. That's strong. On Sunday, the window opens to customize it and I have mine delivered on Friday. Some of my plums and pears had stickers on them and I could see the farm they came from, I like that. I will continue ordering from them. I believe it will make it easier and actually more financially feasible to be "bout that life".


I almost forgot- If you use this code when you buy a box, you get 25% off your box. I also get 25% off mine. What do you have to lose?

See you at the Upper and don't forget as you go through the day, make sure your choices and decisions are showing you are "bout that life". Every day.

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