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We raised our class average yesterday and had some nice improvements on our bench press. The key now is to use the appropriate weights so changes/adaptations can continue to occur. If your new predicted 1 Rep Max is 100 lbs, going under 70 lbs will rarely do much to improve strength.

We also played. There were a lot of laughs and smiles to go with some sweat. The truth is that we don't "play" enough as we age. I tell high school athletes all the time I am jealous of practice. There was some interesting stuff that didn't shock me. There were some heart rates that got through the roof but without that being the focus. This doesn't surprise me. A playful and competitive mindset can make these things happen pretty easily.

Today we have the 4th installment of M. The goal of the day is to maintain last weights used but increase distance. Check the following days on Strava before you come to see how far you went. Your goal is to beat those days.

Aug 11

Aug 19

Aug 27

It is Labor Day weekend, I expect the park to be busy. Prepare for a line at the gate. 5:30 may go to Mundy Trail if it is excessively crowded, I will let you know.

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