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60 minutes. How many can you find?

Throughout Chewacla State Park there are 11 books in ziploc bags. (Hopefully they are still there) I will give you a map with their locations, a page number, clues and 1 hour. You will have 60 minutes to bring back as many of your designated page numbers as possible. I invite you to bring a friend today and tell everyone you know. Don't worry about them signing up for anything. Just grab them, put them in your trunk with a pair of running shoes and bring them to the Upper Pavilion. If this goes well, I would like to host a large fundraiser scavenger hunt workout soon. Maybe Toys for Tots where a toy would be the entry fee, something like that. I envision 50+ people running around Chewacla having a good time for the sake of others. Your adventure today will involve a lot of trails. I hope people didn't move them around but who knows. Bring a friend and an adventurous mindset.

See ya in the woods.

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