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4th quarter. Time to hunker down.

Last year I read an article on ESPN I think that spoke of the top gameday traditions at each school. When they got to UGA, they mentioned the 4th quarter cell phones and hands up in unison thing we do. I remember being a little grouchy about it because it's obviously not that old and I rarely had cell phone battery left to usually participate in an ordeal like that. Who has that much available battery that long into a game?! Yes, my cell phones are always outdated and I forget to close ALL my apps ALL the time. Yeah, its pretty cool but best tradition? No way.

For me, the Battle Hymn trumpet solo before the game gives me chills.

Too dangerous for all this stuff these days....

All this leads me back to the 4th quarter. Today is the 4th quarter of the year 2020. I have a list I made before 2020 began of things I wanted to be different in my life. I called it the 2020 DO MORE list, things I wanted to be staples in my life. Examples included listening to more books, gardening more, etc. Some of these things were things that were once staples of my life and may have somehow faded, some were things that needed to be more consistent or added. I then go through these things and get specific with them. You could call these "resolutions" if you want. Not everything on the list is probably going to happen. There was some big reach stuff like "Paraglide in the Alps" I color that one red. I haven't made any progress on that one. Not going so well. The 4th quarter is an opportunity to "hunker down" (another UGA thing made popular by my 3rd grandfather growing up- Larry Munson who was the voice of the Dawgs for 834 years) and finish the year on a high note.

In the next couple of months, I will start making the 2021 list. I will think about how to maintain some things that got rolling but also getting to the things I didn't get to like that paragliding idea.

What will you "hunker down" on to make sure that 2020 ends strong? It ain't always about how ya start but how ya finish.-Every football coach ever. 4th quarter is here, get your hands up, cell phones out and flashlight on (if yours isn't almost dead). Here we go.

Today we squat at the upper pavilion. S2. Tomorrow I will recap yesterday and talk about some other habit building stuff. See ya up top.

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