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South Dakota #3

Today we will be at the lower pavilion for our 3rd run at South Dakota. For those that don't remember, PULLING will be our focus with a little bench press and soccer moms and more tossed in. Last night was a great new adventure as we had a new location added to the list of Iron Blaze spots. Ristretto Lounge. Yep. We went to a coffee shop. Honestly, the conference room they gave us was big enough that we could have easily done a workout in the room but the 5:30 group received a presentation on nutrition. Why? There was lightning. I'm not doing lightning. The truth is that most people want to be leaner along with healthier and the kitchen matters. A ton.

This blog post is going to be a bit shorter than planned. Someone woke up a little grumpy at 5 :15 am and needed to be cheered up. Daddy for the win again! Get ready for an awesome Friday!

See ya in the woods.

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