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What a weekend!

Blue moon, Halloween, some giant fire ball in the sky, time change, new month, all kinds of craziness happened this weekend. It was a great weekend, Lot of important stuff happening here.

I have been granted gate code access for after hours to Chewacla State Park. There are a few rules that I will go over with you this evening. Make sure your Wix notifications are on so you are not left out in the dark...literally.

It is much colder now. Wear layers. Getting your body warmed up and moving well will take more focused effort than before.

Here is how your session should start.

Get there early enough to see what exercises we are doing. Look at book, find your initials. Lets say we are doing bench press. Last time you bench pressed, what weight did you use? 155 lbs. Great, you need to make sure there are 45s and 10s nearby. You probably also need to do 1-3 warmup sets. Don't just sit there and stare at it complaining about how cold it is. DO SOMETHING. If you are standing there or sitting there with your arms crossed cold, you probably need to drop and do 20 burpees quickly. That will warm you up. Go through each exercise and see what weights you need. Get your mind locked in on what you are about to do. Be in the moment. Be in the lower pavilion. Write your initials on today's page with the first set weight/variation/etc. The ones who do this diligently continually make a lot of progress at a fast pace. Those who don't engage fully and prefer to sit down and chit chat typically make much slower improvements. It's pretty black and white. Get in, get weights set up, do a few warm up sets of everything. Ideally you would have done 5-10 light sets of things before we even started.

Today is Oklahoma. We will focus on horizontal pressing. We will be intentional in our warm up as they need to be at another level with the cooler temperatures. Be ready to go strong out of the gate. Once again if you are spotted with arms crossed standing there, be ready for 20 burpees.

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