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Today's Adventure

Today will be the 4th installment of training session "I".

Come in before the training session begins and make sure the weights you used last time are easily and quickly available. We will not be needing to change weights much. This will allow you to move faster through the circuit. Why does this matter? Because the goal is to get more distance on the trails. If you are mentally prepared and know what weights, reps, and exercises you are doing then you can move efficiently. If you are able to transition just 10 seconds faster between each exercise because you are ready, that gives you an extra 3 minutes of running on the day. That 3 minutes could be the difference in achieving the goal and not. The last time we did "I" was




I asked for your age and weights because I am analyzing our strengths as a group and individually. It is a time consuming process but I have put in your front squats and bench press. As a group, our average front squat score is around a 35. Our bench press average score is a 48. As a group we are much stronger on the front squat. I have yet to push any close to a max set on purpose so those are based on predicted 1 RM based on the best set you have done. We will have an opportunity to put ourselves in the environment (not a circuit) to crank those up. Catherine Lowder has the strongest front squat score of the group so far and Jon Hull has the highest bench press score. (Katie Grimes is the highest female) That doesn't necessarily mean they have the strongest numbers but a 115 lb female is not in the same category as a 200 lb male.

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