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Terrific Tuesday

Yesterday we had an opportunity to build strength in many ways. The group average on the front squat rose significantly. Pretty much everyone made vast improvements. We also had the opportunity to work on body control strength, another important form of "strength". Next up- full on parkour. Basically what we worked on yesterday is the fundamental building blocks to this stuff. Yes, this is a real gym.

This picture is what gyms used to look like. What do you see? Balance beams. climbing devices, medicine balls, this was the norm. We moved our bodies well. In the 1970s, the Arnold craze came. Gyms became muscle building machines for aesthetics. Function flew out the window. Steroids and fake tans became the answer as we sat down and isolated muscles. We cared more about how we look and less about what mattered which in turn made us actually look worse. Kinda funny cause if we did the stuff that mattered, we would like the way we look. The history of the "gym" and fitness is an interesting one but there is a rebirth of functional movement that is returning.

. Our next competition and fun "game day" will look like this.

Seriously though, as soon as you stop moving your body- your body will stop having the ability to move.

Oh yeah. It is chin up day. See ya at the park.

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