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South Carolina #2

Today we will do some pulling at the Mundy Trail on campus. I saw a post yesterday about the super high level of pollens in our area and at, they have a whole page sponsored by Claritin. It makes me wonder....If you spent EVERY day outside a lot, would your body adjust? Think about it. What do vaccines do? They put enough of the intruder into your system and let your body figure it out and come up with a defense plan right? What if we naturally did that with pollens by exposing ourselves year round, NOT just 1 hour once the pollens were full steam? I have to find some research on this one. I would like to track those who are spending 4+ hours a day outside 6+ days a week to see who has "allergy" issues. How bout you? Do you have allergies? If so, lets monitor them. Just a few thoughts. Mundy today!

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Today's location is...

1895 Palin Ave Opelika, AL 36801 Other side of town. No trail running today.

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