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New Jersey round 4

We last did NJ (chin ups!)

Oct 30

Nov 9

Nov 17

Check those dates to see what your best distance on the trails was because the goal is to beat that.

I will set up at the lower pavilion and hope they don't have it reserved again without telling me. That was a nightmare. Thank you 10 am group for patience and helping me set back up at the upper pavilion quickly. Remember to turn your wix notifications ON. If there is ever a emergency situation like that, I will send out a "broadcast" via the app to the people in that class. It should send you an email and a quick notification.

What should you do the rest of the week?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, you should avoid excessive carbs. Mashed potatoes, dressing, etc. Most people think the turkey makes you sleepy, naw...It's the absurd blood sugar response to the 400 grams of carbohydrates you just consumed.

As far as exercise goes, let's look at what we did this week as far as "movement pattern focus"

We had

Vertical Press


Vertical Pull

Next in line would have been

Horizontal Press


Horizontal Pull

So on Thursday- Push things. Push ups, bench press, whatever. Just push things.

Friday-Squat, split squat, lunge, etc

Saturday- Pull things, Pull ups, Rows, etc

See the pattern? Most importantly, get outside and play. Be thankful for the gifts you are given every day. It isn't about celebrating Colonial Europeans manipulating, pillaging and destroying the natives of a foreign land, it is about remembering that everything on this Earth was given to us by our Father and can be taken away. They are all temporary just as we are. Be thankful for each day as another opportunity to be better than we were yesterday.

See ya in the woods.

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